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''Third album from the Gaelic trio which takes their fish-eyed lens approach to genre-bending to a pleasing new peak. Opening with 'Bad Thriller' I'm compelled to use a comparison that I loath but another appropriate one escapes me; Abstract Keal Agram are cinematic in their scope. Glad we've got that out the way. Building and building through waves of iridescent instrumentation, 'Bad Thriller' is reminiscent of Telefon Tel Aviv's grander visions where swooping layers are overlaid until it all peaks out into muffled acoustic rectitude. Making sure you don't get too dewy eyed, next track 'Street Lamp Confession' blows away the cobwebs through a Atoms Family (Cannibal Ox) hook-up that would have sat perfectly on Anti-Pop Consortium's 'The Ends Against the Middle' EP. Elsewhere 'Riverie' sees Abstract Keal Agram dabbling in some Phoenix/Midwest Project pop, albeit featuring a half-time show of Prefuse shenanigans, 'Delta Force' drafts in Poor Boy for a Devendra Banhart-style platter of folk whilst 'Yo, Rap' has similar warmth to much more overtly electronic work. Great stuff.''BOOMKAT




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