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''This album is kind of like a little keyhole through which you can just barely see the 50s. People and instruments walk by, pausing or continuing on their way - some near and crystal clear, some distant and in poor focus, but uniformally faceless and enigmatic. That's a rather pretentious way to describe the music; let's try again! Climax Golden Twins create spare, atmospheric instrumentals from basic instruments and things like ancient vinyl recordings made by fathers for their kids. Sometimes a guitar is the star, sometimes a piano, or perhaps a disembodied voice from a beaten record, almost lost to analog hiss.''

Highly Bred and Sweetly Tempered

''Manipulated tones, instruments, static, disembodied voices, lovely drones, site recordings, scratchy records, five second punk rock wipeouts — all edited, compressed, collaged and distressed''

Dream Cut Short In The Mysterious Clouds



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