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''...Egyptian Lover has some of the best record covers ever, put out a big pocketful of electro classics, and was even humble enough to come DJ at our small East Village shop last year. This is his greatest hits collection from 1989 (peep the benzo-coupe steez) and comfortably falls into the category of "fucking electro essential." Not only that, when Egyptian Lover put this together, he picked his favorite mixes from the singles, so you're getting full 12" mixes or 12" dub versions. Of course, you gotta have the 12" version of "Egypt Egypt." The 12" dub mix of "Freak-A-Holic" is a huge score, and by all accounts, this was the track that brought the house down during his show at Studio B. The dub mix of "Girls" is begging for a revival, I totally forgot about how dope this song was until EL played it at our store. You even get "Alezby Inn" (Remodeled Vocal Version), one of EL's more pop-like moments. I could probably name-check ever song on here, but I'll just leave you with "My House On The Nile" and you'll know why he's called The Egyptian Lover. 8 tracks total. Recommended....''




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