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''Glasgow four piece The Fast Camels have a sound that is strongly influenced by the point in time when Freakbeat was morphing into full-fledged psychedelia; an intriguing mix of Barrett-era Pink Floyd, The Pretty Things psych-pop period, lots of Rubbles bands and small dollops of Forever Changes period Love. "Collector" types will probably delight in spotting the influences; "The rhythm guitar on track 14 sounds like the second Tomorrow single", etc. This would be to miss the point that the band are writing good original songs in a style that hardly anyone else is playing in. As far as I can recall the last UK band to successfully play in this style was The Chemistry Set. Recorded live with vintage equipment, the sound is highly assured for a debut. The harmonies and catchy hooks of 'The Magic Optician' sound authentic without being a pastiche. The Camels present an eclectic mix, including the short, sweet pop of 'Two Day Week', the Arthur Lee influenced 'Privately Insane', and the driving, memorable 'Big Daddy Smyth''




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