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Gland Of Hope And Glory

''Like a bar fight, this baby rumbles. Kicking off with a touching version of Land of Hope and Glory, this is the disturbed before the storm. The storm: Bass and drums keep it locked, don’t think I’ve heard a tighter pairing before. Guitars screech in sweet harmony. Like, say, the Butthole Surfers are in sweet harmony. Like most of Am-Rep’s artists are in sweet harmony. They kill in every way. When I was young I had a moment, in Belgium, on a Scout trip, where my brain turned off. I hadn’t slept for days and for some reason this made my brain give up and I flipped out, running round an open air swimming pool screaming at people, total plot loss. There’s a tune on this album, called He Thug The Gland, it’s giving me flashbacks. This probably says more about me than the album but if you’ve ever had your brain give up on you you’ll know what I mean. I feel like I’m writing all this drivel with enthusiasm adrenalin rather than Shakespearean prose skills, but this is the third time I’ve listened to this album in a row and my head is shitting a brick. This baby is so damn tight, the production is utterly perfect. They bunkered down in a studio over many nights; when all the paying guests had gone home MOU would sneak in and lay the sounds down. The riffs tumble from the roof, pouring down on my ears like a volcano spewing it’s innards at me. There’s no down time here. If you tear your lugholes away from the rockmachine guitardrumsbass you end up with the vocals and holy lord, aren’t they just fine. Like a preacher of the darkest matter he bellows and hollers his beliefs. I’m with him. He speaks the truth. There’s a track on this album, it’s called Two Glands. Two Glands is a POP TUNE. Honest. In amongst the debris there’s a pop tune. I swing my sweet ass to it. YES. I. DO. These men, the five of them, rarely play outside of a 5 mile radius from fucking LUTON due to a heart attack. Honestly. Get this album. Force them to hit your town, it’ll be like a thunderstrike right in the centre of your dump of a dwelling. What a brilliant album. NO.MORE.WORDS. Get it''



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