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With this release, Philosophy Major, who has produced tracks for Illegal Art and Arable Farmland, collaborated with New York art-rockers, Rasputina, co-founded Seattle’s LoveCraft Technologies Inc., co-written and co-produced (with Dub Maestro Prince Charming) Fantastic Voyage (WSCD029), and studied improvisation with jazz legend Yusef Lateef, bends his energies to the indoctrination of the uninitiated into the mysteries of the new-alchemy and Black Ark orchestration. Building upon a solid foundation of dub groove-science, weaving samples culled from 78s and archival wax cylinders with some of the heaviest drum-machine mayhem since Big Black’s Earth Atomizer, and punctuated throughout with analog explosions of pure, sorcerous sound, Hypnerotomachia is a monument to the creative power of dissolution.




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