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''Quinn Walker is a sweetly sinister suburban swami, roaming highways and cul-de-sacs with his one-man neu rave nursery school band. His voice stretches from medieval falsetto to autocratic bass. His songs dwell in the canyon between the child-endangering occult and the classic Top 40 from the 50s. "Laughter's An Asshole" is eccentric yet non-exclusive. Quinn's meditations include the beauty in infinity: fear not the insane, don't block the voices, write down what they are saying, don't be afraid to look in the mirror when you're tripping. On "Lion Land", whirlpools of itchy frightening frequencies tenderly romance lyrics that orbit the worlds of ecstatic parochial school patriotism and junglebook moral codes. Industrial beats are stocked by hems of cinematic synths suckering you, as a sunset might, into having an emotional moment.''

Laughter's an Asshole/Lion Land



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