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''This is the second full-length release by international electro/rock/jazz collective, Strings of Consciousness. Uniting acoustic music and digital technology, the collective is comprised of 14 well-seasoned musicians, though the heart of Strings of Consciousness is a string quartet, as its name makes clear. It is also a direct literary reference to "stream of consciousness," a term coined in the 20th century to illustrate an organic flow of words devoid of conventional narrative structure that reflects a protagonist's or narrator's inner monologue. This narrative technique deeply resonates with the collective: they believe that music should be freely-formed, with plenty of space, improvisation and willful creativity. However, since the release of their first album on the Central Control label in 2007, they have noticed that more and more experimentalists are expressing less and less concern for their potential listeners, forgetting to respect some structures/directions in their composition. Strings of Consciousness choose to craft their music with a lot of focus on detail, with days and days of conscientious editing and honing. Fantomastique Acoustica features four new tracks and a stream of remixes by artists including Rothko, Scanner, si-cut.db, Marsen Jules, Sutekh, Gamial Trio, Mira Calix, Kammerflimmer Kollektief and Leafcutter John.''




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