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baila querida

''Tango Crash’s third album Bailá Querida (Dance, my darling) is expressly an invitation to dance (unlike the more complex, cerebral explorations of their second CD). Their previous two albums have received excellent reviews in the UK, and were high in the European World Music Charts. Argentinians Daniel Almada and Martin Iannaccone, who both live in Germany and Switzerland, continue to map out their own unique electronic tango territory. Their starting point is always pure tango that is then mixed with jazzy elements, electronic sounds and beats, influences of contemporary classical music and enriched with ironic lyrics or spoken words. A new element in the music of Tango Crash is the violin, played by Susanna Andres from Basel, who expands and enriches the group’s sound. The album is dedicated the great Joe Zawinul, who died in September 2007, and who had originally provided invaluable assistance and encouragement prior to their 2003 debut album.''



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