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''Tetuzi plays nylon string resonator guitar and Jozef plays ten course renaissance lute. Tetuzi is part of the new Japanese school of minimalist improvisers, while Jozef plays an ancient guitar-like instrument in a more modern way. Tetuzi can be found in a duo with Toshimaru Nakamura called 'Meeting at Off Site Vol. 2' on IMJ, while Jozef has a number of solos discs and a duo with Gary Lucas on BVHaast.
This superb duet was recorded at the Gendai Heights Gallery in the Setagaya section of Tokyo in April of last year. Both players take their time to let a few notes hover at a time. A wee bit too busy and too dark to be minimalist, yet both resonating guitars create a troubled, yet fascinating world of suspended notes and occasional chords.
Towards the end of the nearly half hour first piece, we are slowly submerged in darker waters, strange slide guitar notes are slowly twisted into barbed fragments before the piece winds down to a shimmering haze of drowning ghosts. The second and last piece takes about half the amount of time to end up in a similar haze of sinister suspense.




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