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''Brilliant debut album from an international parade of popstars featuring 13 wonderfully eclectic songs about love and travel recorded between San Francisco and Melbourne over a period of a year. Heartfelt lyrics and ace vocals courtesy of The Lucksmiths Tali White, paired with music from a truly collaborative cast including members of The Lucksmiths, Sodastream, Poundsign, The Fairways, The Aislers Set, Red Raku, Art of Fighting, The Killjoys, and Blackeyed Susans. Highlights include the jangling-guitar travelogue "Jet-Set…Go!" which takes in Spain, Yorkshire, Las Vegas and Thailand before its joyous finale in San Francisco…"The Photographer," a strum and bass still life memory of a sea-side moment sung over a loping, looping bass line, with layers of acoustic guitars and frantic drums… and "Siamese Couplets", a lazy hip-hop/pop tune with junky percussion, a soaring chorus and lyrics that attempt to capture the sensory overload of south east Asia while maintaining the distinction of being the first and possibly last song on MatinĂ©e to be rapped. From odes to breakfast and London to stripped-back heart breakers and instrumental laments, "Private Transport" is a refreshingly diverse album that exceeds the potential of such a distinguished cadre.''




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