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''Once again Düsseldorf rescues the world. Mysterious and somewhat new musical terrain for a release on Glitterhouse Records, but certainly something that would be played around the GH HQ during office hours. “i” originally was called “D”, but changed their name due to some UK musicians beating their release date by a few months. The recordings were sent with no information in a nondescript envelope, yet miraculously they survived various demo-filters we implemented.

When we contacted them they chose to remain anonymous, no names, no photos, no background info. No contact-address (save for an e-mail account), no interviews, nothing. Complete denial. A handshake deal without actually shaking a hand. Not exactly what we prefer, so we had to downshift the sizeable Glitterhouse promo machine to just a mail-out. Hoping, for once, that the music would do the job.

If you are a follower of the Düsseldorf school of music you will find a direct lineage from Neu!, La Düsseldorf, Cluster to “i”, maybe with a higher handmade factor. If you are not, just believe us.

But they are not far away from other Glitterhouse artists that released instrumental music in the past either – be it Hugo Race´s ambient-noise album “Wet Dreams”, Höst (the Scandinavian/American cooperation), the beauty of Dakota Suite, Friends Of Dean Martinez and the mighty Sub Oslo (8-piece with instru-dub from Dallas).

But “i” are “i” – an old/new sound from Düsseldorf. Kosmische Kuriere, indeed. ''




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