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''This is a great live set from December of 2004 featuring Paul Rutherford on trombone, Ken Vandermark on tenor sax & clarinet, Torsten Muller on acoustic bass and Dylan van der Schyff on drums. Four strong musicians, each from varied backgrounds, both geographically and age-wise. Emanem all-star Paul Rutherford is one the true pioneers of solo trombone playing, as well as a member of a numerous of key ensembles (Iskra 1903, LJCO, SME & Globe Unity). Vandermark has more creative bands and projects than just about anyone in the current Chicago new music scene. Don't know that bassist, but drummer Dylan van der Schyff is one of the most in-demand and creative percussionists to emerge from Vancouver. Spool's Line series refers to the fact that this is an improv session and a grand one at that. Superbly recorded with perfect balance so that each member of the quartet sounds like a most unified project. It is rare to hear Rutherford playing with any American musicians, except for Braxton, but he and Vandermark work incredible well together. It helps that they are playing with an equally creative and fascinating bassist and drummer. Rutherford's playing is extraordinary throughout, he has a unique way of bending his notes so that they become perfect sympathetic vibrations for the other three players. This is a monster session for four strong spirits.''




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