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''..Cucumber Farmer is a strange but very cool Finnish band. I reviewed and loved their other CD called Beyond. This new double CD was 3 years in the making. The first CD is the intended CD, while the 2nd CD is the same tracks (given different titles) remixed by Pink Twins, who I have no idea who they are. The band clearly intended on this being a musical experiment with them playing doctor and you the so called guinea pig. One is expected to take the listening experience seriously. No monkey business here Listen, experience some emotionwrite the review r enjoy your next beer Te Absolute Proof starts the CD and it is very spaced out as the band slowly takes you into their strange world, via the secret entrance around the back. Since I ve een Edge and Bono is a crazy mixture of stoned dub reggae and noise rock. I just died in a Las Vegas Nightclub follows and begins very laid back (think Twin Peaks movie) with piano and a strange ambience but it slowly devolves into some sort of distorted post rock nightmare Worng in the USSR begins with some people labouring in the background with jackhammers and stuff as the music slowly builds up again getting quite heavy at the end. Loneliness of Gary Lonely is next and again features some singing. By the time you get to Bigass Oceanliner the record is pretty intense and really beginning to space my head out The C ends with DTM and a Riding Car and it is another mindfuck of a trip.. Be careful as this CD could serious damage your mind.. As fr the remix CD, it is about 10 mins longer than the regular CD and a totally different trip and very psychedelic! Pretty amazing stuff, actually......''




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