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''The Chris Danforths are not only a three-way high five between 3
incredible musicians, but also an ethereal holy trinity that is
the one real Chris Danforth. Pluralizing his full name and using
it as the nom de plume for his projects eludes to the kind of
musical Schizophrenia that Chris suffers from. His head is filled
with so many sounds, structures and ideas that He is forced to
allow each voice to have its turn at the helm.

In his work, he (the real Chris Danforth) and they (the Chris
Danforths) come to a complete balance between their / his
academic, DIY, and rock 'n roll backgrounds. Recorded between
technically advanced studios and his bedroom with multiple pieces
woven together from 3 piece band tracks and personal sound
constructs to multiple instrument orchestrations featuring members
of his extended Minneapolis family.

"Look out for the Wolves" is the second full length and just like
his first record "Outside Outerspace", he once again twists genres
and moves along with a wide musical vocabulary dancing from hook
to drone and back again. Somewhere between OMD and Faust, this
record finds him honing his perfectly amalgamated quirk-pop to a
more mature place. Combining found sounds, field recordings, synth
and guitar-led songs, he crafts a kind of "lo-fi psych-pop; an
orchestral, angular epic like some long-lost Elephant 6 track
calling in from the twilight zone." Ink 19

His background in experimental music and perfomance yanks any sort
of standard pop-rock record structure out of its element but still
alows him room for straight up undeniable "hits". Old Scottish
electronics are used well beyond their years and pushed past their
potential, forced to do his bidding. Look out for the Wolves has,
singable melodies, a sense of humor, and the eeriness of playing
along with an old-time recording of his grandmother singing a
lullaby. Dying gear, forgotten sounds, found recordings of family
and friends all re-contextualized into one whole. He has a
singular vision, channeled through many internal personalities. He
is the real Chris Danforth. All of them.''




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