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''‘Rape Scene’ is the third studio album from THIGHPAULSANDRA and follows on from the hugely successful ‘I Thighpaulsandra’ and ‘Double Vulgar’ albums that were released on Coil’s own legendary Eskaton label. Both albums that literally go way beyond genre categorization.Thighpaulsandra is also a full-time member of both Coil and Spiritualized and also is one-half of the Queen Elizabeth project with Julian Cope as well as being a former member of Cope’s group. ‘Rape Scene’ also features Spiritualized bassist Martin Schellard and Rocketgoldstar’s Siôn Orgon. ‘Rape Scene’ features three lengthy, intriguing, pieces of around fifteen minutes. ‘Joyful Misuse Of The Gomco Clamp’, ‘The Busy Jew’ and ‘His Lavish Showroom’.

"This is difficult music, as Laurie Anderson would say. The 3 Long songs contained here within combine electronics with some of the thought processes of Krautrock/Psychedilic rock, soaring to new dimensions. Thishpaulsandra has also played with Julian Cope with wonderful consequences, Spiritulized, and is now also a member of one of my favorite bands, Coil. Ya gotta love the cover – 3 styles of sit-down toilets in a stark room. This album seems more serious, determined and darker. Minor keys constantly shift and evolve into new sounds. Although these songs are long, you never feel as if you are in the same song as they move all over the place. There is a little singing by TPS, but less than his other albums. Very strong tunes with confidence. This album crosses so many genres everyone will find something they like, be intrigued by what they don't understand, and be amazed with Thighpaulsandra's talent. "(Don Poe)




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